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The material plane is dotted with many worlds, though the average person wouldn't know it. They carry out their lives in work or worship, war and peace, freedom and slavery. Politics and trade continue as they have since the dawn of civilization, and the majority of folks focus on the few days, months or years ahead of them. The fact remains that Amryn is near a turning point in its history; something rather trivial in the grand scheme of the realms, but nonetheless will mean much to her denizens.

The borders are set. The stakes are claimed. Amryn has been drawn and quartered up amongst the races and factions and there has been peace, for a time. However, as the population rises the pressure on the seams begins to build along with it. The sages and scholars know what's coming for this lonely planet, and their gaze extends to the beyond. How long can Amryn maintain the balance? Is one world enough for her people? Will it remain their world at all? And if the worst of conflicts should break out…

Where will you be?

Home Page

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